The right brand name has the power to set your trajectory and differentiate your products from the competition.

Position your brand in a way that shows off your passion + unique value.

Consider how it will be interpreted when spoken, printed, or shared.

pictorial mark or logo symbols


RESEARCH: Start by gathering information and setting clear objectives for your brand. Then, do extensive research on your competition and other brands in your industry.

CREATIVE: Write down all of the ideas that suit your style, personality, values, and goals. Creating a mood board is another great way to help your perfect brand name start taking shape. Make a long list of potential names, but you can only choose one!

TIP: Consider all of the applications for your new name. Best to make it short and easy to remember.

FINAL: Make sure your new brand name has an available domain and matching social media handles.

Try it out! Say it out loud. Share it with a friend. Live with it for a few days. See how it fits.